Book review : I belong to the stage

Book name : I belong to the stage

Author name : Karan Singh Surana

Book pages : 130

Format : Ebook

Description : After some persuasion from Natasha, Sahil agreed to reboot their relationship but with boundaries, as the families approval clause prevailed. The spark in the relationship was ignited upon Sahil’s visit to Pune but it was rather short-lived. After another two years, Natasha’s paranoia of ‘father won’t agree’ started again and collapsed eventually with a final family meeting.
Along with the research job Sahil started his Ph.D but wanted to do something creative too. In his hustle, he met Vikram, Vishakha and Puja on a train journey, who not only went on to become his best pals but also inspired him to become a stand-up comedian.
Soon Sahil met Kenni, a heart-throb in the stand-up industry, upon whose advice, Sahil entered the Comedy Hunt on Youtube with a dream to make it big in single shot but soon realized his expectations were too far-fetched. With few encouraging and many discouraging acts, Sahil’s struggle to become a stand-up comedian went on for months, without him even realizing why he wanted to be one. In the midst, a phone call from an unknown number took him back to his engineering days to unearth the WHY.
‘I belong to the stage!’ has much more to offer than the title can justify. Get answers of some trivial questions in life which one struggles with every day.

Book review : The cover of this book is sooo good and that is what grabbed my attention towards it.
The story revolves around Sahil  who after his breakup becomes more strong and he becomes a stand up comedian. A book that has motivation, positivity, humour, heart break but no where the essence of the story is lost. The writing, pacing and narration everything is good. There may be people who will think that will be only romance but there is more to it.

Overall rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Book review : Lotus land

Book name : Lotus land

Author name: Bhuban Patra

Publisher : Leadstart publishing pvt ltd

Book pages : 230

Format : Ebook

Description : The era is 1200 CE, when the intruders from the west ravaged Bharat; a small kingdom in its eastern part was entering its golden period. The kingdom of Kalinga though a maritime superpower remained secluded and reclusive to the other nations of Bharat. This was not by chance, but by choice, as this holy land was fulfilling a prophecy that could become the basis of existence for the entire humankind after the Kali Yuga ends.

The first book of the Konark Secret Duology is the tale of Bishnu Maharana, the chief architect of the Konark Temple. This is his journey about how he became a master architect and the secrets he unravels while constructing this shrine.

Was this temple just a grand monument or were there secrets behind its construction? Why was an unusual technique being used for its creation, when there were tried and tested methods? Did this monument hold some secret within itself? Was Bishnu Maharana an architect or a man of secrets?”

Book review : This is the 1st book in the series. As we all know that our ancestors were very smart and just using their intelligence and directions they have made amazing architectural places. In this book it is about the famous Konark temple or as we refer Konark sun temple.
It talks about all the planning that was done to build this temple by the architect Bishnu Maharana. Everything is explained in detail but this book lacks editing but it can be corrected. The mysteries behind this architecture, the planning etc is worth giving a try. Do read this book if you are interested to know about this great Indian temple

Overall rating : 3 stars

About the author : Bhuban Patra is a travel blogger by choice and a marketing executive by profession. He has a degree in management from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands and holds a certification in Social Media Marketing. He was born in Balasore, a quaint district in Odisha and was raised up in Bhubaneswar. He is a contemporary traveller, who found interest in writing when he started exploring and blogging about Odisha and its inheritance. He travelled deep into the history and culture, where he found monuments yet to be explored and its stories to be told. His traveller heart and spontaneous photography led him to become a travel blogger and then an author. His debut book “Where is Ekamra” has been appreciated by many and he has been awarded one of the top hundred debut Indian Authors of 2019, by Literatureslight and Criticspace Journal. He currently resides in Hyderabad with his wife and two pets.

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Book review: Your life your way

Book name : Your Life Your Way

Author name : Milind Sahasrabudhe

Publisher : Notion press

Book pages : 124

Format : Paperback

Description : We are born to live a free and happy life. But we have been brought up with many misbeliefs that limit us from living a life worth living. People live a mediocre life by doing what they don’t enjoy just for the sake of money since we live on a ‘Financial Planet’. People think, “This is it. My life path is set.” They feel they cannot come out of it and so they must keep living the same way. This book tries to help them understand ways with which they too can design a life that will be worth living. Your Life Your Way describes how anyone, at any level of their career, can build a career based on their passion and also can create abundance following 5 secret principles of wealth creation. Thus, this book explains how you can design ‘Your Life, Your Way’.

Book review : If you are looking for something that will help you give more clarity about the wantings in your life than this book is for you.
The author with the help of short stories and few illustrations has tried to make this more eye catchy and easy for the readers. The book is mainly divided into 2 parts, the 1st one talks about our passion and the 2nd one talks about how you can achieve heights with your passion.
A lot of youngsters look upto Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and see the heights that they have achieved and dream of achieving those heights. Here these examples are given.
Overall a good read, which will help you to understand the path you wanna walk.

Overall rating : 3 stars

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Book review- A wicked plan for a cricket fan

Book name : A wicked plan for a cricket fan

Author name : Adhirath Sethi

Book pages : 30

Format : Ebook

Description : A once in a generation cricketer has a secret. He gets his batting tips from an enthusiastic fan who appears to know his game so well that all his strategies click perfectly.

But things take a chilling turn when the fan feels that the batsman’s performance is slipping. How far is this fanatic willing to go to ensure that his hero retains his title as the world’s greatest player?

A chilling and twisted story of love, beauty, loss, possessiveness, and the true horrors of sacrifice, ‘A Wicked Plan for a Cricket Fan’ is the first in a series of interconnected short stories by Adhirath Sethi

Book review : This one is such a short read but you will never feel that the story was incomplete or anything was missing. Instead you will be hooked and surprised and thrilled throughout the book. How a fan helps a very amazing player with some do’s and dont’s and tries to improve his performance. But sometimes we dont see what is behind the curtain. For that you have to read this amazing story.
Somewhere we can predict at some places what is going to happen but the outcome really surprises us. If you wanna enjoy a story with thrill dont miss out on this one you will be really amazed and hooked

Overall rating : 4 stars

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Author Interview- Namrata Gupta

  1. Can you please introduce yourself.
    A: I am an English Literature graduate from Hans Raj College, Delhi University and have completed my post-graduation in Masters of Business Administration from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi. I reside in New Delhi. My poems were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari when I was ten. My write-up has been published in Hindustan Times. I have academic scholarships awarded by CBSE to my name.
    I have authored three popular novels, A Silent Promise (2015), The Full Circle… Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery (2018) and Together We Were (W)hole (2020). My books have won many hearts. A Silent Promise, a readers’ favorite, was launched by Mr. Petko Doykov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria to India. The book was also released by Mr. Sudhir Mishra (Indian film director) at Gurgaon International Film and Literature Festival, held at DLF Cyber Hub (2015), where a reading session was also conducted for the book. The Full Circle… Stumbling Upon A Sinful Mystery was best ranked #26 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery and #33 in Contemporary Romance on Amazon. Together We Were (W)hole (2020) was recently ranked #1 In Romantic Suspense and #2 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery on Amazon.
    I want to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through my writing. I love travelling and exploring new things.
  2. What is more challenging: Writing a book or publishing it?
    A: Both are equally challenging. Sewing the past experiences of characters and where they come from within a narrative, while justifying their present complexities as rooting from the past or being a result of various psychological and socio-cultural influences, and at the same time keeping those intact and running along in the narrative requires efforts from the writer’s end. Plus, the characters also have to grow as persons within the story and that too has to be highlighted, keeping their integrity intact, without them coming out as whimsical, if they’re not supposed to. This is how writing becomes challenging.
    On the other hand, the entire process of publication right from finding the right publisher for your book to holding the published book in your hand has its own challenges and a lot of hard work goes into it.
  3. What are the top 3 wishes in your bucket list?
    A: To travel the world, to win an acclaimed literary award and to write the script of a movie.
  4. Any particular genre or book that you are not much into?
    A: I am not into non-fiction books.
  5. Tell us something about your latest book, Together We Were (W)hole?
    A: Together We Were (W)hole (2020) is a tale of vengeance amidst distorted personal relationships, misunderstandings and masked identities set in a business environment of deceit, power plays and games. Sanaya has looked into the heart of betrayal and managed to stay alive after a perceived emotional and physical battle with someone she cared deeply about. She has risen from the ashes like a phoenix for one purpose, to seek revenge against the man who betrayed her trust and left her to die. It is a Romance Thriller. There is romance, suspense, lies, deception, misunderstandings, betrayal, revenge, deceit, power plays within the narrative. The plot has business partnerships, corporate life, a warm love affair and thirst for vengeance.
    Together We Were (W)hole was recently ranked #1 In Romantic Suspense and #2 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery on Amazon.
  6. Any advice for the upcoming authors.
    A: Believe in yourself and you’ll sail through. Just don’t give up.

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Review- The Paradise Conflict

Book name : The Paradise Conflict

Author name : Abhishek Ghosh

Publisher : Novel Nuggets Publisher

Book pages : 150

Format : Ebook

Description : A QUESTION, WE ALL MUST THINK ABOUT: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE WORLD WE KNOW WHERE WATER IS SCARCE AND PUT UNDER CONTROL BY A POWERFUL REGIME? From an unknown future, where the water resources are controlled by the Civil Imperial Regime. The water bodies and rainforests which survived from the industrial wastes and exploitation are heavily guarded. If there is any unauthorised entry and consumption, the common people will be shot, imprisoned or forced into labour camps. But, there are rebels in the world who are fighting against the Imperial Regime. The surviving tribes rejected the Imperial Rule. The Rebels and the tribes have formed an alliance to topple the ruling regime. The rebels are fighting to restore the world, so that the world is free from further exploitation of natural resources and uniting the world together to restore balance in nature and humanity.

Book review : While reading the blurb I knew I had to pick it up and see for myself how this story turns out to be. I have this author’s previous work so I was somewhat familiar to his writing.
We all know that if you continue living the way we are living currently than we are very close to the things happening in this book. The most important resource to us, to everything existing thing on this planet is WATER and what are we doing NOT TAKING CARE OF THIS RESOURCE PROPERLY.
This story tells us about world which is controlled by powerful regime and due to this we can see division in the people. One are those who are with this powerful regime and others are against it. How the city is named the ghost city because of the fire that spread in the forest and the remaining water also gets polluted so just a little remains.
Mitra the main protagonist in the story comes out to know about something than changes the way he used to think? To know what that thing is you need to read it. There has to be a balance between nature and the other existence. The story is just what will get everyone to think about what our future may hold if we don’t start acting in a correct way. The way this book ends we can be sure of a new book. The language is just okayish but due to story we can give this a read

Overall rating : 3.5 stars

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The Billionaire and the Monk -Book review

Book name : The billionaire and the monk

Author name : Vibhor Kumar Singh

Publisher : Notion press

Book pages : 112

Format : Paperback

Description : The greatest wisdom is often found in the simplest knowledge. 

What if you learn that everything you have been taught about happiness is false? What if you realize that happiness is not a goal and therefore it cannot be achieved? What if you discover that it is the ordinary path that leads to extraordinary treasure?

This is a story about how two men from different walks of life learn that neither robes of honor nor the total renunciation of worldly life is required to enjoy the most fundamental human desire – happiness. 

It is a story about understanding that happiness is not a philosophical enigma but an attainable state of the mind and how one can cherish the greatest joys through the simplest and smallest acts of daily life. 

Let us uncomplicate happiness and find the extraordinary answer to the ordinary question: Are you happy?

Book review : Story involves two main protagonist a billionaire and monk. When their journey crosses the path a lot of things come into the picture.
How minimalism should be adopted for a better life. As we all know meditation is really required to keep us all sane but do we all practice it. How we can lead a happy, satisfactory life. The writing is simple and book is short but definitely a worth read. I think that the situation that we all are in, we must definitely pick this up. A self help book which will bring growth to the actual meaning to a person’s existence

Overall rating : 3.5 stars

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The tonic – Book review

Book name : The Tonic

Author name : Mayur S. Sarfare

Publisher : Leadstate publishing

Book pages : 358

Format : Paperback

Description : “Set in the year 1992, The Tonic is an emotionally wrenching tale of an unlikely friendship between Masher and Raem, two young outcasts with psychological deficiencies. We see through their eyes what the riots do to them and the people of Bombay, which mysteriously connects decades later to the life of a media tycoon cum atheist, who has genocidal plans for the religious!

Mumbai, 2017: Reymerg D’Souza, a media tycoon and powerful militant Atheist, harbours an ominous plan to cleanse the country from religion.

Avantika Das, an investigative journalist, partners with a suspended cop to embark on a perilous journey to expose Reymerg’s darker agendas.

Back in 1992, two young misfits are drawn together by the ravages of an approaching Hindu-Muslim riot.

Masher, a diffident teenager with a speech disorder is forced into participating in an annual elocution contest held in his school.

During this period, he befriends Raem, a twenty-one-year old recluse with a foreign descent, who gifts him a packet of mysterious chocolate pills.

The pills magically begin to embolden their lives. They begin to win moments and people. A Tonic that turns them from being misfits to stupefiers.

But soon the riots begin to take its violent form. As it takes away everything from one but not so much from the other.

The two tales separated by decades, strangely begin to converge towards the end, to forge a deadly truth that binds the lives of these people in the most unexpected manner and may be the key to stopping the atheist from executing his sinister plans.”

Book review : Hola booklovers,
Recommend me a book that is hard hitting or a book that deals with grief..
This book is one of that. It will take some time for you to absorb it. But let’s start with the cover. My take is on the side of an okayish cover. The color of the cover could have been a bit better. For you to understand the title you have to read it. What tonic is the author talking about? What happens after consuming it?
The writing is not simple so you might take a while to get into the story. But once you get into it, this story will be with you. This story is about 2 young boys Raem and Masher and the effects of riots on them and others too. Masher has a speech disorder and the author has described it so beautifully.
There are other characters too in this story like Avantika, Monish, Rakesh, Aaliya, Uncle Sam and many more. This story has love, loss, atheism, friendship, belief in ourselves. The message that is given is what makes me tell other readers to read this book

Overall rating : 3.5 stars

About the author : “Mayur Sudhakar Sarfare, aged 30, is an Indian author. He is a Professor of Mass Media with a keen interest in creative writing. His range of subjects include Understanding Cinema, Content Writing and Media laws. He teaches at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mumbai. He began his career in Public Relations at India’s largest independent PR machinery – Adfactors PR, but a love for media subjects and cinema drove him towards academics. However, the childhood passion for writing continued blossoming, finally fuelling the idea for his first novel.

He is an ardent consumer of metaphysics and philosophy. A man of powerful words, Mayur Sarfare is much sought after for the multitude of thoughts that spring from an ever curious mind, which he shares on Social Media platforms, urging people to sit up and think.

His growing popularity stems from the way he perceives things objectively, without being judgemental.

He also enjoys hosting events and plays moderator during panel discussions.

The Tonic, is his debut novel.

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Book review : After the Dark

Book name : After the dark

Author name : Rohit Pagare

Publisher : Independently published

Book pages : 278

Format : Paperback

Description : WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BOY IS PUSHED TO THE WALL AND A GIRL HAS TO FIGHT FOR HER HONOR AND FREEDOM? Gopi, just 11 years, has promised to bring smile to Ria. She is rich but handicapped. Gopi is poor and broken. But it was a promise he could die for. Thus, begins his transformation from a boy to a man who unknowingly is running on a collision course with the high and mighty. But he is none to be stopped. He knows he will have to do something unthinkable to bring her a smile. His elder sister Seema is just 15 and has been kidnapped by money lender and kept with other inmates in the hostage camp. With goons hovering around, she has no choice except to fight back, or to escape. Both are fatal. When pushed to the corner one day by a guard, she stares at her horrible self – that she could murder. Thereafter, one day she manages to escape with another inmate only to frustratingly return to her enclosure when her friend is shot dead by guards. And just when she was beginning to surrender to her fate, destiny throws yet another chance for freedom, but it has a repulsive rider – she will have to protect the ones who she would be happy to kill. The rider is: she will have to save her captor from a deadly conspiracy.

Book review : If I had to say something about this book than I would say a mirror to the outlook of a society. Who will not be engrossed if we gotta read about 3 kids named Gopi, Seema and Ria. The state of Gopi’s family was very heart breaking but a true reality of a lot of people.
Was Ria deaf, dumb and handicapped from birth or did something dangerous happened to her and her life changed? What is behind Seema’s journey? The journey of all these kids will make your heart heavy but will not give you a chance to out down the book. The writing is brilliant and engrossing but the pick up for me took some pages but I was happy that I waited and here I am impressed by this book. There is sadness, murder, kidnapping soo have a look before you get into

Overall rating : 4 star

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God is great- book review

Book name : God is Great

Author name : Dr. Joish Upendra Kumar

Book pages : 90

Format : Ebook

Description : A short fiction depicting a young Indian scientist’s journey to find answers on Spirituality and religion and the all important questions on God, weaved in a beautiful love story. Every mind has some uncertainties/dilemmas about God, faith and science. This story addresses some core issues and brings some clarity. It is a light and a feelgood read.

Book review : If you are thinking that is book is all about spirituality than you are mistaken. Here in this book spirituality is mixed with science.
A young research scientist named Madhav is liked some youngsters who doesn’t believe in the existence of God because he didnt have enough proofs for him to believe but at the same time he doesn’t disrespect the sentiments attached to ones belief.
As we go into the story and when Madhav meets Dr. Pence how his perception into all this changes after their meeting is worth reading. How some people help him to build his faith? What all things they do? How do they make him see what they see?
As we all know our ancestors have always said us few things and every time we ask them multiple questions to how they can believe this and that. But to be honest there are so many valid reasons so as to why our ancestors always believed in this things. A book worth reading for today’s generation.

Overall rating : 3.5 stars

About the author : Dr Joish Upendra Kumar is a Radiologist (doctor) and a medical faculty by profession and writer by passion. He hails from a placed called Hosapete in Karnataka. ‘God is Great’ is his first fiction novel to be published. He believes in writing on subjects, with which a common man can relate to and which can evoke a thought process towards a better world.

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